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For me, this is the best of the methods for creating a sitemap, I recommend that you understand it in more detail.
Creating a sitemap - for beginners, this is not difficult.
Thanks for the detailed instructions! I had only one question, when creating a sitemap, is everything saved in caching, and if it is saved, then how can I pick this data later? Thanks!
Thanks! I wanted to put the map on the site, but there were problems, I dont know what to do now.
Hello, Evgeniy. My site was made according to your instructions. I use a plugin to display statistical information, but no links appeared on the sitemap. There are images of buttons. Don't know what the problem might be and how to deal with it? Here is the sitemap itself.
Irina, when I uploaded the image generator code for the HTML sitemap, it contained a link to plugins, but it was not saved. I tried to remove the link, but it didn't work. And how now these links to archive?
Hello Eugene! I opened your article, but did not understand how to create a map. I look forward to your clarification. Thanks.
To do this, you need to correctly paste the HTML code into the browser.
I go to the pages and I cant open the map, I really need your advice.
Vyacheslav, congratulations on your new masterpiece. There is no limit to perfection. A very beautiful template and, in my opinion, a good, advanced approach. Keep it up!
Hello!!! Can you tell me how to make a sitemap? (I have a brand new template) In general, I will be grateful for constructive help!!!
Yes, the sitemap didn't work. Mistakes and in the wrong place. I had to "fasten" the pagination to it a bit. In general, it turned out beautifully. But not that. Is everything OK. Wherever you want, there you make a map. Maybe there's something else I didn't understand.
The sitemap has no effect on the site. It just can't be that all the articles were on the same site. On ours, on the people, from whom I also write something, everything is the same as before. But you, Evgenia, on the WordPress engine, the site map has not gone anywhere. Maybe in another browser?
I did everything according to the instructions! Please, help. The sitemap is still empty. Maybe someone faced this problem?
Eugene, I didn't manage to create a map either, I'll try to change f02ee7bd2b